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Blynclight PLUS

Blynclight PLUS

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Let the Blynclight Plus make alerts for you! A status light and speaker that syncs automatically with the communication platforms you’re using to alert colleagues or family when you’re on a call, away, focused, or available to chat, the Blynclight Plus is all you need to stay focused. With a speaker inside the small, lighted cube, the Blynclight Plus is designed to effortlessly alert those around you of your availability status.

The Blynclight PLUS provides all the features of the Blynclight, and includes a ringer that can be configured for audio alerts:

  • Sync your Status with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business/Lync, Cisco Jabber, Slack, Zoom, RingCentral, Genesys PureCloud, Cisco Finesse, Circuit by Unify, CounterPath Bria or control Blynclight Plus manually.
  • Rings on Incoming Calls
  • Beeps on Incoming Instant Messages
  • Select from 10 MP3 Ringtones
  • Adjustable Volume Control



1. Incoming Call alerts supported by Cisco Jabber for Windows soft phone only - Cisco desk phone not supported.

2. Genesys PureCloud support provided by CCO for Genesys Feature License.

3. Cisco Finesse support provided by CCO for Finesse Feature License.

4. Alerts for incoming calls and messages not supported by Mac or Attendant versions. Alerts for incoming messages not supported by Cisco Jabber.

5. Native support within Circuit - Embrava Connect not required.

6. Microsoft Teams in Teams Only mode. Presence support only. Incoming Call and IM Alert not supported. Microsoft Teams in Coexistence mode - Use Skype for Business connection in Embrava Connect.

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